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"A Trip Through the Mind" Annual Fundraising Gala

Thursday, 24 March, 2022 7:00 pm
The Argyle

Join us for a mesmerizing journey through the mysteries of the mind as The Argyle is transformed into a point of departure for new realities and possibilities. Expand your consciousness, question the nature of reality, and travel through the unknown on a trip to self-discovery. Come celebrate our unique history as an organization focused on the power of the human mind, which began with Tom Slick's trip to Nepal in search of the Yeti, and the mysterious powers he observed in the holy people he met, which inspired him to found Mind Science.

Your support of our annual fundraiser makes it possible for us to increase 2022 funding to $100,000 for our signature program, The BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition™, the latest way in which Mind Science grants fund early-career researchers. Using a model that teams young investigators with senior principal investigators in powerful labs to work on pilot studies, Mind Science support makes critical investments in the development of pilot data, leading to greater funding opportunities, while early-career researchers hone their skills in translating complex neuroscience for the public.

Your Navigators for the Evening
Jamie & Travis Kowalski, Host Committee Chairs
Host Committee
  • Suhail Arastu
  • Catherine & Geary Atherton
  • CeCe & James Griffin
  • Dani & Cosmo Guido
  • Randi & Bob Hutchens
  • Bekki & Greg Kowalski
  • Angela & Alan Kramer
  • Jane and Larry Macon
  • Amelita & David Mauzé
  • Mallory & Johnny Moorman
  • Muffin Moorman
  • Jayme & William Russell
  • Kelly & McLean Russell
  • Ruthie & Johnny Russell
  • Pat & Bud Smothers
  • Becca & Hunter Woolfolk
  • Julie & Preston Woolfolk

Sponsorship Levels

Consciousness Collective Presenting Sponsorship ($20,000)
  • Only 1 Table Available
  • Luxe Themed Experience, including Special Entertainment
  • Seating for 16 in Private Room
  • Premium Wine & Champagne
  • Custom Cocktail Creation
  • 16 Magical Mystery Treasures
  • Acknowledgement in digital & printed materials, table signage
  • Your Choice/Optional: BrainStorm Scientists at Your Table
  • BONUS POST PARTY EXPERIENCE: You and your table guests will enjoy a private, moderated Group Zoom experience with Anil Seth, PhD (University of Sussex), considering the question of whether our reality is just a series of controlled hallucinations. Dr. Seth will answer your questions on the role hallucinations play in our reality and explore the idea of the brain as a “prediction machine.” Date/time to be scheduled in 2022; each table guest will receive a signed copy of Anil’s book, Being You, and each participating household will enjoy a hand delivered charcuterie tray with wine to enhance the Zoom conversation. 
Astral Projectors ($10,000)
  • Only 2 Tables Available
  • Luxe Themed Experience
  • Seating for 12 in Private Room
  • Premium Wine & Champagne
  • Themed Signature Cocktail
  • 12 Magical Mystery Treasures
  • Acknowledgement in digital & printed materials, table signage
  • Your Choice/Optional: BrainStorm Scientist at Your Table
  • Each guest receives a copy of Anil Seth's book, Being You: A New Science of Consciousness
Mind Benders ($5,000)
  • Seating for 8
  • Themed Signature Cocktail
  • 8 Magical Mystery Treats
  • Acknowledgement in digital & printed materials, table signage
Lucid Dreamers ($2,500)
  • Seating for 8
  • 4 Magical Mystery Treats
  • Acknowledgement in digital & printed materials

NeuroNauts ($350)

  • Single Tickets (limited number available)

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