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Neuro News – 3.23.21

March 23, 2021

Topic: Artificial intelligence (AI) and your brain

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the birth of computers in the 1950s – but what exactly is it? BBC Science Focus Magazine explains what AI is and what it’s used for, and asks whether or not we can really trust it.

Artificial intelligence that more closely mimics the mind

Startup company Nara Logics is taking artificial intelligence to the next level by using recent discoveries in neuroscience to replicate brain structure and function in its AI platform. Instead of fixed algorithms found in other AI programs, users can interact with Nara Logics’ platform, changing variables and goals to further explore their data. MIT News looks at how this platform is already benefitting health care organizations, manufacturers, and the federal government.

How doctors are using artificial intelligence to battle Covid-19

When the pandemic hit, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic turned to AI to quickly build predictive treatment models. One model identified those with the virus likely to need hospitalization which helped with capacity planning, while another helped alert doctors to a patient’s risk for an intensive care unit and prioritized those at higher risk for aggressive treatment. Smithsonian Magazine explores how artificial intelligence is helping to shape treatment.

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