Speaker: Gaby Gamez, Lindsay Bira, Richard Aste

Topic: Art, Art And The Brain, Consciousness, Gaby Gamez, Lindsay Bira, McNay Art Museum, Meriam Good, Mind Science Foundation, Neuroscience, Richard Aste, Wellness

How do you define art? How does art engage my brain? How do I incorporate art into a personal wellness practice, regardless of my skill level? Among the coping mechanisms for prolonged exposure to stress (i.e. pandemic, social and political change, and income insecurity) is the restorative power of art. Research shows the process of both appreciating and making art promotes overall brain health and wellness and provides a space for stress reduction and self-reflection. In partnership with the McNay Art Museum, enjoy this conversation with Dr. Richard Aste (Director and CEO, McNay Art Museum), Dr. Lindsay Bira (Clinical Health Psychologist), Gaby Gamez (Art Therapist, owner of Annie Creative Studio for Wellness) and moderator Meriam Good (Director, Mind Science) about how art moves, heals, delights, and ultimately transforms.

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