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Never Enough: The Neuroscience & Experience of Addiction

Tuesday, 17 November, 2020 6:00 pm
Online (Zoom)
What is different about the brain of addicts even before they pick up a drink or drug? Join Judith Grisel, PhD (Bucknell), a behavioral neuroscientist and recovering addict, as she reveals what she and other scientists have discovered about the inner workings of addiction. In this talk, moderated by Dr. Sean Guillory, Dr. Grisel will share revelations from her personal journey: how drugs work, the hold they can have on the brain, and the surprising way to combat today's epidemic of addiction. 
Never Enough: The Neuroscience & Experience of Addiction

Judith Grisel, PhD

Judith Grisel, PhD, is an internationally recognized behavioral neuroscientist and a professor of psychology at Bucknell University with an expertise in pharmacology and genetics whose research focuses on determining root causes of drug addiction. A current focus of her laboratory is to understand the role of gender differences in different trajectories of alcohol abuse in men and women. 

Professor Grisel recently published Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction, a New York Times bestseller, NB Book of the Month, and Goodreads Choice 2019 Finalist. In addition to academic publications, she has published work in the popular press, was an invited presenter at the Gordon Research Conference, and has been featured on NPR's Fresh Air. 

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Sean Guillory, PhD

Sean Guillory has had the absolute privilege of doing his Ph.D. Dissertation on the neuroscience of humor and laughter and has been enjoying the professional ride ever since then (currently he builds automation robots; sadly he has not gotten any of them to laugh).

Please also enjoy the picture that perfectly describes the past 3 months of his life (not pictured: his 5-year-old asking where the charger is).

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