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Brainstorm Competition

The Mind Science Foundation annually grants funding to early-career researchers to support health and well-being of humankind through their research. Check out the recent winners below.

ComplEXIT-DOC: Complexity-enhancing drugs in treating disorders of consciousness

Paolo Cardone
University of Liège

What is the link between brain complexity and consciousness? Can psychedelics be used to increase brain complexity and thus, consciousness, in patients with disorders of consciousness?

Dreams on-demand: A new method to find out why we dream at night

Karen Konkoly
Northwestern University

What would you dream if you could dream on demand? What if you could change your dreams?

Molecular mechanisms of social isolation-induced cognitive impairment

Breeanne Soteros, PhD
UT Health San Antonio

An investigation of how social connection creates a biological “force field” protecting and preserving cognition.


What is Brainstorm? The BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition™ is the latest way in which Mind Science supports early-career neuroscientists. The Competition has a specific focus on funding for young researchers teamed with senior primary investigators, working on pilot studies to help them obtain grants for further research, with an additional strategic goal designed to incentivize […]


Wednesday, 19 October, 2022, 12:00 am

Mind Science-funded research on two-way communication with lucid dreamers has produced groundbreaking results as Ken Paller, PhD (Northwestern University) and graduate student Karen Konkoly have for the first time established two-way communication with someone in a lucid dream state. This groundbreaking knowledge could help people cope with recurring nightmares and anxiety, improve skills, and solve problems. Join Dr. Paller, our 2018 BrainStorm finalist […]


Tuesday, 8 June, 2021, 12:00 am


Ken Paller, PhD


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