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What the Future Holds for Brain Science
Renowned neuroscientist and Mind Science Trustee, Dr. Jenny Hsieh, Director of UTSA's Brain Health Consortium, will give an overview of what brain health and brain...


What the Future Holds for Brain Science


Tuesday, 23 March, 2021 7:00 pm


Jenny Hsieh, PhD


Online (Zoom)

Past Events

Unique: The New Science of Human Individuality

Not too long ago, David Linden found himself on OkCupid, one of the world’s great catalogs of human idiosyncrasy. Fortunately for his lonely heart, he found his soulmate. But, being a scientist, he couldn’t help but ask what made the whole thing work?  In this talk, moderated by Dr. Sean Guillory, Dr. Linden offers answers […]

Shtick to Solutions: Learn to manage uncertainty from the masters of comedy

Dr. Peter McGraw joins guest moderator, Dr. Sean Guillory, for a one-two punch of levity and creative problem solving for a chaotic world.   In times of stress, uncertainty, and economic loss due to the pandemic, comedy can provide a crucial relief valve, but the world needs more than delightful distraction. Organizations—and their employees—have serious […]

VIRTUAL EVENT: How Isolation Impacts Addiction

Isolation impacts us all, but what happens when it’s compounded with managing an addiction? While routines are disrupted, we may find ourselves more vulnerable to falling into old habits – or developing new ones. In this session, neuroscientist and recovering addict, Dr. Judith Grisel (Bucknell), will help you understand the impact isolation has on addiction […]

VIRTUAL EVENT: Good Decision Making in the Age of Coronavirus

You may find it hard to make good decisions right now, and you’re not alone. There are several factors that come together that cause this difficulty. There is a real and present threat in the world. There is a lot of uncertainty. Your habits have all been disrupted. In this session, Dr. Markman wants to […]

2020 Menagerie of Marvels Gala – SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT! The 2020 Mind Science annual gala theme is “Menagerie of Marvels…Carnival of Wonders at the Argyle.” Experience the sights and sounds of an vintage carnival, enjoy delicious food and drink, and partake in the evening’s entertaining games, including our famous “Tom Slick Treasure Hunt.” Your support of Mind Science allows us to fund […]

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