The Neuroscience of Friendship
We all need friends. Deeper and more numerous friendships promote health, well-being, survival, and even financial success. By the same token, social exclusion and the


Michael Platt: The Neuroscience of Friendship


Tuesday, 12 November, 2019 6:30 pm


Michael Platt


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The Neuroscience of Friendship
Enjoy a delicious lunch in the intimate surroundings of the Argyle Club, while learning how to best support the development of healthy social relationships for...


Lunch & Learn: Friendship and Your Brain


Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 11:30 am


Michael Platt, PhD


The Argyle Club, Slick-Urschel Room
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BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition 2019

BrainStorm is an event that connects neuroscience researchers with the coaching and capital they need to fund their research projects. Join the Mind Science Foundation for an engaging experience as neuroscience research finalists pitch their innovative ideas for groundbreaking science. Join in the fun by casting your vote to help decide which researcher should win […]

Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Teen Brain

  This event is SOLD OUT. To be placed on a waiting list, please call 210-821-6094, or email info@mindscience.org Enjoy a delicious lunch in the intimate surroundings of the Argyle Club, while learning how to best support the teens (or future teens) in your life. Adolescence is a crucial and functional period of human development […]

The Teen Brain

Online ticket sales are now closed. Please purchase your tickets at the door. Just what IS going on in the teen brain? Join Abigail Baird, PhD (Vassar) as she shares how the neurological growth spurt of adolescence dictates how we learn to consolidate, generalize and then (at light speed) make use of our experiences to […]

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2019 Night of Mystery Gala

From the deepest oceans… To the endless expanse of the universe… Escape the ordinary into unseen worlds all around us… The Night of Mystery returns…

Autism: Could Genetics Hold the Answers?

Why does my child have autism? Geneticist Dr. Wendy Chung will share what we know about the autism spectrum disorder and how it isn’t a single condition with a single cause. If autism has multiple interlocking causes, could genetics hold the key to unlocking it? Dr. Chung’s team researches how as many as 400 different […]

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