Fully vaccinated against Covid-19? What can you safely do?

From gatherings to travel, an infectious disease specialist addresses common questions in Harvard Health Publishing about what people can safely do after being fully vaccinated.

CDC studies ‘breakthrough’ Covid cases among people already vaccinated

While vaccines have proven extremely effective against Covid-19, they’re still not 100% effective, as experienced by those who have become infected with the virus despite being fully vaccinated. But medical experts say this occurs to some extent with a vaccine against any disease and is not cause for alarm. NPR takes a closer look at breakthrough cases.

Psychiatric and neurological problems are common in Covid-19’s wake, study finds

New research highlighting Covid-19’s lingering effects on the brain finds that in the six months after becoming ill roughly a third of surviving patients were diagnosed with at least one neurological or psychiatric disorder. The Los Angeles Times explores this phenomenon known as “long Covid,” which includes strokes, dementia, anxiety disorders, and sleep disturbances.

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