Sleep Reset 2021: Getting Your Sleep Back to Normal

The sleep problems that plagued us last year are a lingering problem for many. So how do we reset for 2021 and get our sleep back to normal? U.S. News spoke with experts on not only what to do for a better night’s sleep, but why it’s important. 

Why Do We Dream? A New Theory on How It Protects Our Brains

Since the dawn of communication, dreams have perplexed experts and laypeople alike. Is it possible dreams serve a practical and functional purpose? TIME looks at research that suggests dream sleep exists, at least in part, to prevent the other senses from taking over the brain’s visual cortex when it goes unused.

Hacking Your Memory — with Sleep

We’ve all been told to get a good night’s sleep before a test, big presentation or the like — and finally, here’s the reason why. In the TED Talk series, Sleeping with Science, Matt Walker explains how getting enough sleep affects how our brains store and process memories.

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