This is why you keep forgetting what you were doing when you enter a new room

It’s probably happened to us all: you think of something you need to get or do in another room, and as soon as you walk in there you forget what that was. The Conversation explores what researchers call the “doorway effect” and what we can do to prevent it.

Lockdown has affected your memory – here’s why

Many of us have found ourselves in an isolated routine during the pandemic – and it turns out, that’s not very good for your memories. BBC Future explains what causes this and how a simple change of scenery and taking breaks help punctuate the day, giving you time points to anchor your memories.

Neuroscience study shows memory can improve with training

Would you like to have the recall of a “memory athlete?” Psychology Today looks at a memory enhancement strategy often used in memory competitions, known as the “method of loci,” that can help improve laypeople’s memory.

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