Real-Time Talk With a Sleeping Person is Possible — and They Can Even Understand It

Ken Paller (Northwestern University) and his team published a paper last week based on research he presented to our audience as a BrainStorm 2018 finalist. We are thrilled to be a part of funding this important work that finds you can have a real-time conversation with a lucid dreamer. “We have thus gained knowledge about the cognitive abilities that can be engaged during a dream. In this way, further research along these lines will hopefully reveal more about dreaming conscious experiences and how they may differ from waking conscious experiences,” Dr. Paller tells CNN. The team also hopes with future research they can learn more about why dreams happen and how they might be useful for mental function. Congratulations to Dr. Paller and his team!

BrainStorm 2018: Ken Paller – Can We Establish Real-Time, Two-Way Communication With Lucid Dreamers?

Ken Paller (Northwestern University) pitches his lab’s pioneering work at BrainStorm 2018 seeking to answer the question: Can we establish real-time, two-way communication with lucid dreamers?

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