What is revenge bedtime procrastination?

After a productive day you eat dinner, do chores…and binge watch your favorite series. Before you know it, bedtime has long passed leaving only a few hours to catch some sleep before the cycle begins again. Revenge bedtime procrastination is a real problem with serious health effects, but Psychology Today says it can be remedied.

The puzzling psychology of procrastination and how to stop it

Having a hard time breaking a pattern of procrastination? BBC Science Focus explains the scientifically-backed ways to get back on track that include cognitive re-framing and practicing self-compassion.

Seeking clues to mysteries of coronavirus by studying a person’s ability to taste bitterness

Everyone experiences bouts of procrastination or work-avoidance, and the guilt that comes with them. There is no avoiding these experiences entirely, but Nature offers strategies that can help you stay focused and complete your hard tasks.

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