Six Ways to ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After a Hard Year of COVID-19 – According to Science

Chronic stress impacts the brain, putting us at risk for physical and psychological problems. And for many, last year meant months of anxiety, grief, and loneliness that created a spiral of negativity. So how do we break out of that? The Conversation offers six evidenced-based ways to change our brains for the better, reverse bad habits, and get our energy levels back.

This Year, Try Downsizing Your Resolutions

If there was ever a year to give yourself a break from lofty New Years resolutions, this would be it. As we ease into the new year, The New York Times explains how to make goals for 2021 that feel both satisfying and doable.

Your Happiness Calendar for January

Greater Good Magazine’s Happiness Calendar is a day-by-day guide to well-being. This month, their insightful articles help us reflect on the past and look toward a brighter future.

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