How to Stop the Negative Chatter in Your Head

“Cognitive reappraisal” is a term psychologists use to refer to the practice of replacing negative thoughts with ones that are both more positive and true. Research shows people who control their self-talk in this manner have better mental health, more life satisfaction, and even better-functioning hearts. The Wall Street Journal takes a deeper look at cognitive reappraisal and how to stop the negative chatter in your head.

Strategies for Cultivating Hope This Year

As many are still reeling from a turbulent year, a researcher whose work focuses on positive psychology among people facing challenges offers strategies to The Conversation on how to cultivate hope in 2021.

Science-Based Ways to Beat Negativity

If you find that you struggle with negativity, you’re not alone. Humans actually have a negativity bias, which means we notice and feel negative things more intensely than positive things. But since negative things have a bigger impact on our mental health, Psychology Today offers science-based tips to beat negativity.

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