Scientists discover ‘time cells’ in the brain that enable ‘mental time travel’

A new experiment probed how the human brain encodes and processes the flow of time. In addition to shedding light on the complex process of temporal organization within the brain, Vice explores how this could help patients with conditions that affect memory and the ability to process time.

The time-bending power of your brain

Why does time go faster as we get older? How does our time perception work? BBC Ideas looks to David Eagleman to explain, through a delightfully animated video, the neuroscience, facts, and theory of time perception and how it works in the human brain.

The neuroscience behind why your brain may need time to adjust to ‘un-social distancing’

If the idea of making small talk at a crowded happy hour sounds terrifying to you after a year of social distancing you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans reported feeling uneasy about returning to in-person interaction regardless of vaccination status. The Conversation offers tips on how to effectively ease back into your social life.

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