Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month we honor the women who have shared their brilliant research and knowledge with the Mind Science community through our Mind Matters Speaker Series. Enjoy some of their speaker videos below and click the Mind Science YouTube button to watch more of these inspiring and informative talks on our channel.

Abigail Baird – The Teen Brain

Just what IS going on in the teen brain? Abigail Baird, PhD (Vassar) shares how the neurological growth spurt of adolescence dictates how we learn to consolidate, generalize and then (at light speed) make use of our experiences to navigate our every day lives AND avoid/survive life threatening situations.

Judith Grisel – Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction

What is different about the brain of addicts even before they pick up a drink or drug? Judith Grisel, PhD (Bucknell), a behavioral neuroscientist and recovering addict, reveals what she’s discovered about the inner workings of addiction. With a look at how quarantine has interrupted addiction treatment, Dr. Grisel also covers revelations from her personal journey: how drugs work, the hold they can have on the brain, and the surprising way to combat today’s epidemic of addiction. 

Wendy Chung – Autism: Could Genetics Hold the Answers?
Why does my child have autism? Wendy Chung, MD, PhD (Columbia) explains findings about the autism spectrum disorder and how it isn’t a single condition with a single cause. If autism has multiple interlocking causes, could genetics hold the key to unlocking it? Dr. Chung’s team researches how as many as 400 different genes work together and how to best early detect and treat autism, with much of the work focused on developing medications, educational strategies, and technologies for children as they grow.

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