Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zone

July 17, 2018

Welcome to 2016!! As we embark on a monumental year of thinking big, I resolve that the best laid plans have missions or themes… even if they eventually go awry! (That’s where the real fun and innovation lies.) But our blog theme for this year will be breaking out of our comfort zone. We will break out of our current knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and consciousness and grow our capacities of understanding. The human brain is the only thing on the planet that can study itself. With a goal of improving the human condition, we will puzzle together the latest and greatest on all things Mind Matters. The only limit we have is how big we can think! We are only on the edge of the scientific horizon when it comes to understanding human consciousness. By breaking out of our comfort zone of old assumptions and perceptions and building up solid scientific foundations, we will push that edge forward into the horizon. As a PhD scientist with a love of storytelling, I recently broke out of my comfort zone to come work at the Mind Science Foundation. I have been a transplant to Texas for a couple of years and had attended a number of events. The diverse topics and well informed and active audiences astounded me. The appeal of working at this nonprofit organization, as the Science Outreach and Communications Manager, was too good to pass up. Now I am at the forefront of the newest trends and topics in the field and get to participate in them! With that honor, also comes the privilege of sharing it all with you in a fun and engaging way. I can tease some of the highlights now for you! —

  • The Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Mindfulness and Wellness workshops
  • Our podcast, Explain the Brain
  • Science outreach events in our local community
  • Keeping your fingers on the pulse of the latest research being supported by MSF and beyond
  • Highlights as we prepare for a conference in 2017 on Emerging Technologies and the Future of Being Human (details coming soon!)
  • Spotlights on our generous board members and community organizations
  • The latest news, videos, scientific articles and more!

Think Big on Twitter (@MindScienceFdn), Facebook (Mind Science Foundation), or email us (mcohen@mindscience.org) any ideas!

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