Speaker: Melanie Boly, Melanie Wilke

Topic: Brain, Consciousness, Mind Science Foundation, Neurology, Neuroscience

Melanie Wilke, Ph.D. and Melanie Boly, M.D., Ph.D., are neuroscientists and friends.

Wilke wants to know why the same physical inputs to the brain can result in multiple subjective experiences. Her research centers on the brain processes underlying subjective perception. Boly studies brains in the extremes of consciousness — both wakeful and unconscious states — looking for common mechanisms between them.

The interview took place in July 2012, at Understanding Consciousness: Neuroscientific Approaches, Future Directions, a conference sponsored by the Mind Science Foundation of San Antonio, Texas. This video was produced by Audrey Quinn, a multimedia health and technology journalist in Brooklyn, New York.

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