Speaker: Ken Paller

Topic: 2018, BrainStorm Finalist, BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition, Consciousness, Dream Experiences, Inducing Lucid Dreaming, Karen Konkoly, Ken Paller, Lucid dreaming, Mind Science Foundation, Modifying Dream Content, Neuroscience, Research Update, Two-Way Communication

Mind Science-funded research on two-way communication with lucid dreamers has produced groundbreaking results as Ken Paller, PhD (Northwestern University) and graduate student Karen Konkoly have for the first time established two-way communication with someone in a lucid dream state. This groundbreaking knowledge could help people cope with recurring nightmares and anxiety, improve skills, and solve problems. Dr. Paller, our 2018 BrainStorm finalist, and Karen Konkoly provide an update on discoveries they have made in Dr. Paller’s lab about lucid dreaming, based on findings in their recently published paper that has amassed national attention. Dr. Paller and Ms. Konkoly also reveal how their lab team is using new methods to induce lucid dreams, learn about dream experiences, and modify dream content.

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