Speaker: Jenny Hsieh

Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Consciousness, Jenny Hsieh, Mind Science Foundation, Neuroscience, Research Advancement, Sean Guillory, Technology

How did we used to study the human brain? What are current technological advances in brain research? What does the future hold for brain science? Renowned neuroscientist and Mind Science Trustee, Dr. Jenny Hsieh, Director of UTSA’s Brain Health Consortium, gives an overview of how brain research has evolved over the years. Dr. Hsieh shares insight into the technology used today, what brain health and brain research advances are on the horizon in the coming decade, and what the practical effects are going to be for the general population. This talk is moderated by Dr. Sean Guillory, and there’s a special focus on how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) helps with the study of new diseases such as Covid-19.

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