Speaker: Tin Nguyen

Topic: 2019, Brain Strucure, BrainStorm Finalist, BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition, BrainStorm Winner, Childhood, Consciousness, Enrichment, Laurie Cutting, Mind Science Foundation, Neuroscience, Poverty, Reading Environment, Resiliency, Stephanie Del Tufo, Tin Nguyen

The winning team of researchers Tin Nguyen, Laurie Cutting, and Stephanie Del Tufo (Vanderbilt University) want to know what creates resiliency in children raised in poverty. Graduate student Tin Nguyen’s pitch sought to provide a deeper understanding of the relationships between resilience, brain structure, and enriching home reading environments in children subject to adversity or poverty. Understanding what makes children resilient can be a first step towards mitigating the negative impacts of childhood poverty. BrainStorm Neuroscience Pitch Competition is an innovative pitch competition connecting early‐career neuroscience researchers with the capital they need to fund their research. Scientists pitch their ideas in groundbreaking neuroscience to an audience of Mind Science Foundation supporters, who cast their votes to award the first prize of a $30,000 Tom Slick Research Award in Consciousness, or runners up awards of $15,000. Learn more about the Mind Science Foundation and the Competition at https://mindscience.org/programs-init… The Mind Science Foundation is committed to funding early-career researchers teamed with senior primary investigators in powerful labs to work on pilot studies that help them obtain grants for further research, with the addition of a strategic goal to incentivize the building of skills in translating complex neuroscience for a general audience. The Mind Science Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation supported by a special endowment from our founder, visionary philanthropist and entrepreneur, Thomas Baker Slick, Jr. But to fully realize our strategic goals of sponsoring research at a meaningful levels of funding, and providing educational opportunities to translate that research for the public, we rely on tax-deductible contributions from individuals, corporations, and granting foundations. For more information on how you can support our work, visit https://mindscience.org/​.

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