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The Future of Brain Science

How did we used to study the human brain? What are current technological advances in brain research? What does the future hold for brain science? Renowned neuroscientist and Mind Science Trustee, Dr. Jenny Hsieh, Director of UTSA’s Brain Health Consortium, gives...

Teenagers are works in progress 3/9

Just what IS going on in the teen brain? Join Abigail Baird, PhD (Vassar) as she shares how the neurological growth spurt of adolescence dictates how we learn to consolidate, generalize and then (at light speed) make use of our experiences to navigate our every day...

Taste for Mindfulness

We are slowing down the process of eating and focusing on our senses. Dr. Lindsay Bira shows us how to slow things down, be present in the moment and notice how our well-being increases.

Talking in Your Sleep: Communications from Inside a Dream

Mind Science-funded research on two-way communication with lucid dreamers has produced groundbreaking results as Ken Paller, PhD (Northwestern University) and graduate student Karen Konkoly have for the first time established two-way communication with someone in a...

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