Mindfullness Archives

What is Mindfulness?

Part 1 of our Mindful Minutes Series – Dr. Lindsay Bira will help us build our emotional wellness. She breaks down the meaning mindfulness and provides scientific details along with practical mindfulness exercises.

The Science of Understanding Others

We are focusing again on our emotional well-being and emotional intelligence with Dr. Lindsay Bira. Discover how we can guide our behavior by tuning into our feelings and the feelings of the people around us to understand the bigger picture through mindfulness.

The Science of Self Understanding

Have you noticed that we are harder on ourselves than we are on other people? Dr. Lindsay Bira continues the practice of mindfulness as we build self compassion and explore the science of self understanding.

The Power of Breath

What happens in your brain with just one breath? Dr. Lindsay Bira is uncovering the power of breath! Learn how adjusting your breath also adjusts how your brain and nervous system react almost immediately.

Taste for Mindfulness

We are slowing down the process of eating and focusing on our senses. Dr. Lindsay Bira shows us how to slow things down, be present in the moment and notice how our well-being increases.

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