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Taste for Mindfulness

We are slowing down the process of eating and focusing on our senses. Dr. Lindsay Bira shows us how to slow things down, be present in the moment and notice how our well-being increases.

Radical Acceptance

Dr. Lindsay Bira keeps building our emotional well-being with the concept of radical acceptance. Now, more than ever, we understand the struggle of unfair situations. Our brains are actually wired to control and change the pain of reality. Learn some techniques to...

Mindfulness for Stress

Are you chronically stressed? Work demands or unemployment… Spending all day at home or maybe missing your family… The changes in our everyday life… Dr. Lindsay Bira teaches us how to recognize stress and the physical effects on our body. Learn how...

Mindful Sleep

Dr. Lindsay Bira helps us with our sleep hygiene! We all know a good night’s sleep is vital to our well-being. Let’s learn some tips to get ready for bedtime and some tools to help guide us into peaceful slumber.

Gentle Curiosity

Part 2 of our Mindful Minutes Series – Dr. Lindsay Bira helps us through those moments when we find ourselves fighting against the reality of what is happening in the moment. Learn how gentle curiosity will move you into mindfulness with a few simple...

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